Isn’t it hard with two?

Isn’t it hard with two? – that’s the question a keep receiving lately, after Leia, an English bulldog puppy joined our family, a week ago. As we already have Tasha, a 12 years old bulldog, people around us, family, friends, coworkers started saying ‘Wow, that must be hard work!’ or ‘Isn’t it hard to raise two dogs?’Picture1FLASH News – LIFE IS HARD! For a +30 years old family like ours, life is a constant juggle between, career and calls, and meetings etc, and taking our daughter to school, to tennis classes, to piano, doing the domestic tasks etc. etc. etc. – but the way I see it, late in the evening when we finally reach home, we enjoy so much more playing with the dogs, see them cuddling and making funny faces, than going to an empty, quiet house. 😉 It is quite refreshing! 😉

What can I say?, some people prefer to have three kids…we prefer to have one kid and two dogs…and if raising 3 kids is not hard, then raising 2 dogs is simply a ‘piece of cake’.

Now, some moms might be irritated by my comparison…honestly, you have no reason to! Leia and Tasha are part of our family, we raise them, nurture them, teach them to recognize words, take them to the doctor etc…

Life in general can be a challenge, but you can definitely spice it up with two loving faces welcoming you at evening! 🙂

Hope this blog post solved the ‘Isn’t it hard with two?’ puzzle 😛


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